Stats & Analytics

ePlane excels in managing big data, extracting valuable business insights and providing in-depth premium reports to support your decisions.


Activity Report

Make sharper, data-driven decisions with the help of ePlane’s Activity Report. Analyze your day-to-day activities and drill down to make better business decisions with comprehensive graphs:

  • Sales & purchase statistics
  • Responsiveness report
  • Demand fulfillment report

Trends & Benchmarks

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market. ePlane’s premium reporting services give you a broad picture of the industry’s tendencies, so you can easily identify business opportunities and overall supply-chain management improvement options:

  • Availability report
  • Competitive report
  • Pricing & quoting trends
  • Supply & demand data
  • Search trends

Inventory Analysis

Determine your company’s future needs with effective inventory analysis graphs. ePlane’s advanced algorithm gives you a high-level understanding of your inventory performance metrics:

  • Inventory data analysis
  • Search results statistics
  • Popular PNs
  • Geographic performance report

ePlane offers reports tailor-made for you

Whatever you wish to measure - we create the perfect solution for you.
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