What is ePlane?

ePlane is the fastest-growing online Trading and Insights platform dedicated to the aerospace industry.
ePlane's all-in-one solution aggregates your every aerospace procurement need in one place.

  • Parts trading with verified listings and real-time-based inventory.

  • Live chat communication for negotiation and exchange of information.

  • Advanced data analysis reports.

  • Online payment solutions.

  • Fully customized personal dashboard to keep all your data in one place.

We invite you to join a personal live training session to learn everything you need to know to trade on ePlane like a pro. The training is fully customized to your requirements and preferences so you can make the most of ePlane's platform.
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Why should I use ePlane?

ePlane provides advanced technological solutions that streamline parts sourcing and repair services in addition to offering improved communication between buyers and sellers in the aerospace industry.
As a seller, it helps you drive sales, and as a buyer, it enables you to save time and reduce costs.
Among ePlane's enhanced features and capabilities are reliable inventory synchronization directly from the inventory management system, automated RFQ management, purchase order integration, and more.

Are there any charges involved in using ePlane?

Our Basic plan is 100% free, and it includes everything you need to trade successfully on ePlane.
We also offer a monthly paid subscription, ePlane Pro, which offers advanced capabilities that will help you scale and build your business's efficiency, including market price and lowest quote indicators and the ability to create parts watchlists, export business files, and more.
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What does ePlane integrate with?

Our machine-to-machine connectivity solutions are based on Spec 2000 communication and other interfaces and can integrate with your order, inventory, and sales management system to support inventory upload, RFQ/order insertions, and quotes collection.
Our flexible options allow quick integrations that in many cases do not require special IT support.
Some of the main systems that ePlane integrates with include Amos, Quantum, and Pentagon 2000. To integrate your order management system, contact us at hello@eplane.com.

Am I committed to buying and selling with ePlane?

Absolutely not!
We do not require any commitment from either buyers or sellers. You can continue working with all the existing platforms and marketing channels you currently use. However, we recommend considering ePlane as the primary tool to aggregate all your aviation needs and insights.

Do you provide support?

Whatever you need, our experts are a click away.
Contact us at hello@eplane.com for technical issues, Pro tips, and assistance with navigating the platform. You can also find us on Linkedin.

I have a special request. How can ePlane help me?

ePlane was built to support the aerospace industry's requirements. We would be happy to hear about your needs and to adjust our system to fit them.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

How is my privacy protected?

ePlane is committed to safeguarding any personal or confidential information that may be collected through our platform. Read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Do you offer promotion services?

Of course! ePlane Promotion Services are dedicated to helping companies sell or buy assets, packages, and other inventory.
We offer targeted email and popup campaigns to thousands of companies and individuals from the ePlane network of aviation experts.
Each of our campaigns is concluded by an advanced results analysis report.
Learn more about this service here.

Getting started

How do I register on ePlane?

Registering as a user is simple and takes less than a minute. Create an account and complete the provided form. After you have finished filling out the form and clicked "Sign Up", you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. Click the "Confirm Registration" button in the email, and you can now begin searching for parts on ePlane.

Why should I register as a company?

Registering your ePlane user account as a company is important to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of our features and solutions. For sellers, this process is essential to start selling on ePlane.
For buyers, it increases your visibility to sellers when you are recognized as a verified user on ePlane. Based on our experience, sellers tend to respond only to RFQs from verified companies.
You can find a short tutorial on how to register as a company here.

Can I add ePlane accounts for my employees?

Yes. Once you have registered as a verified company, you can add as many users you like, with no extra fee! Simply go to User Management and click the Add user link at the top of the table. Fill in your employee/agent details, and ePlane will send them an invitation to open an account and link it to your company account.

Can I buy and sell using the same ePlane account?

Yes. Once you have registered your company, you can buy and sell using the same account.

How do I pay for an order?

After agreeing on the terms of the deal with the seller, finalize the transaction by using various secured payment options. Fulfillment solution.
Note: Depending on the seller's preferences, some of the payment methods may not always be available.