Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ePlane unique?

ePlane is the first end-to-end ecommerce marketplace that allows you to complete an order online. All items you see on ePlane exist and are waiting for your order. ePlane offers full transparency and is always online (24/7/365). There are no subscription fees, usage fees or other hidden charges.
You can learn more about the unique benefits of buying and selling with ePlane here.

Are there any charges involved in using ePlane?

No. ePlane is 100% free for both buyers and sellers. No subscription fee and no commissions.

What is ePlane’s business model?

Using ePlane both as a buyer and a seller is completely free.
ePlane will soon introduce a host of paid ancillary services for our customers to choose from:

  • ePlane Finance

    Payment Collection Services
    Transaction Insurance
    Advanced Payment

  • ePlane Logistics

    Providing worldwide logistics support to our customers

  • AOG Customer Support

    Advanced services for AOG

  • Sponsored Listings

    Promote your listings to the top of the search results

Am I committed to buying and selling with ePlane?

Absolutely not!
We do not require any sort of commitment from either buyers or sellers. You can continue working with all the existing platforms and marketing channels you are currently using and consider ePlane an additional tool to bring incremental business to your company.

Start buying - How do I register as a user?

Registering as a user is simple and takes less than a minute. Go to create an account and complete the provided form. After you have completed the form and clicked "Sign Up" you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. Click the "Confirm Registration" button in the email and you can begin searching for parts on ePlane.

Start selling - How do I register as a company?

Once you are logged in to your user, register your ePlane user as a company to become a seller on ePlane. This process is important to make sure the entire inventory available on ePlane is from trusted sources. You will be asked to provide your company details to confirm your business.

Can I buy and sell on ePlane using the same account?

Yes. Once you have registered your ePlane user as a company, you can buy and sell from the same account.

How do I pay for an order?

When you make a purchase with ePlane you have three payment options. You can choose to make a secured payment with PayPal or via credit card, or you can choose to transfer the payment to the seller via wire transfer, according to the terms which you have agreed upon with the seller. The payment is transferred directly from the buyer to the seller.
Note: Depending on the seller's preferences, some of the payment methods may not always be available.