Fully automate your sourcing activities, from demand to order creation, with ePlane’s advanced machine-learning features.

Fully automate your sourcing activities with ePlane’s advanced machine-learning features.



ePlane Autopilot

Start automating your RFQ process and reduce your average source time with 1 click. ePlane Autopilot sends RFQs to relevant sellers and collects the quotes – you just make the decisions and send POs.

Start automating your RFQ process and reduce your average source time with 1 click:

  • Machine-learning algorithm that studies your preferences
  • Quotes collected on a user-friendly dashboard
  • Upload demands manually or sync your ERP
  • In line with your preferences and purchase history
  • Based on real-time availability and required lead time
  • No software download needed
  • Machine-learning algorithm
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • In line with your purchase history
  • Based on real-time availability
  • No software download needed

AI-based Data Analytics

We're excited to announce that we're currently developing an AI-based data analytics feature for our ePlane marketplace. This new feature will provide several benefits to our users, including:

  • Optimized part search. The AI will analyze marketplace data to help users find parts with the most favorable price-quality ratio.
  • Streamlined maintenance. The AI will suggest alternative parts while the original part is being repaired, reducing aircraft downtime.
  • Manufacturing recommendations. The AI will conduct market analytics and provide manufacturers with insights into which parts should be produced more for the upcoming month.

Blockchain Integration

ePlane is developing a blockchain integration feature that will ensure the authenticity and transparency of all transactions and documents in the aerospace industry. Each transaction will be stored with a hash value, providing a verifiable trail of documents for future reference.

  • Verifiable database. Providing a clear and accurate view of the aerospace industry.
  • Improved trust. Private blockchain nodes will be raised within the ePlane system and among partner systems, ensuring that all participants have a node to verify the authenticity of transactions and documents.
  • Digitization of document workflow. All documents will be stored in one system, reducing paper-based processes and eliminating delays caused by missing documents.


Couldn't find what you are looking for? No problem! Upload your demand list and let ePlane alert you once your required items are back in stock.

  • Real-time email alerts
  • Dashboard notifications

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