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Your day-to-day, fully automatic sourcing solution, from demand to fulfillment

Buyer's benefits

  • Nose-to-tail solution

    Browse through a wide array of aircraft parts, components, chemicals, oils, and repair services for all platforms. ePlane connects you to leading aviation suppliers & MROs from across the globe.

  • Around-the-clock availability

    ePlane’s platform is available 24/7/365 and from anywhere in the world. Log in from any device (desktop, tablet or mobile) and start buying & selling with a few simple clicks. All your history, chats, and stats are logged for future use.

  • Reduce source time

    All inventories are synced and reliable. Items & services are in stock; prices are up to date and in adherence with your frame agreements - no more wasting precious time on bogus listings and irrelevant deals.

  • Full automation

    ePlane allows you to streamline and accelerate the sourcing process. With the help of a machine-learning algorithm, the revolutionary ePlane Autopilot sends RFQs automatically to relevant sellers & MROs on your behalf – you just make the decisions and send POs.

  • Single user-friendly interface

    All aspects of your sourcing activities are displayed on 1 easy-to-use eCommerce platform. Search, compare, chat live, send & receive documents, and finalize deals online with a few clicks. All your stats & analytics are showcased on a comprehensive dashboard for your convenience.

  • Stats & Analytics

    Draw important insight from our comprehensive dashboard. Analyze market trends, benchmarks, pricing, supply & demand, and monitor your activities in real-time to make better business decisions.

Our solutions


Join leading aviation companies worldwide and buy aircraft parts & repair services on an easy-to-use eCommerce platform. ePlane’s marketplace allows you to improve the way you search, filter, and compare parts & services from reliable inventories of vetted sellers & MROs. ePlane is constantly growing as more vendors are adding inventory daily.

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ePlane’s machine-to-machine connectivity allows you to send RFQs, receive quotes, send POs, and receive invoices directly to your ERP/MRO software. Our platform supports full EPI connectivity based on Spec 2000 and other protocols.

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Start automating your RFQ process and reduce your average source time with 1 click. Through its machine-learning algorithm, the revolutionary ePlane Autopilot sends RFQs to relevant sellers & MROs based on your purchase history, preferences, market availability, and lead time.

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Real-time connectivity

ePlane enables you to transact with your existing suppliers, sellers & MROs in adherence with your pre-existing frame agreements. All you need to do is search for a part number or service, compare, select, and the rest is done automatically by the ePlane platform.

Real-time sync

Stats & Analytics

Draw important insight from our comprehensive dashboard. Analyze market trends, benchmarks, pricing, supply & demand, and monitor your activities in real-time to make better business decisions.

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Stats & analytics


Pay for global transactions in a secure way and through multiple methods: wire transfer, credit card, and ACH. ePlane offers you a new standard in online payments. All transactions are unmediated, and your details are SSL encrypted. Complete your orders online and pay within minutes.



What companies am I buying from?
ePlane works only with vetted sellers and MROs. Our featured companies include OEMs, distributors, PMAs, MROs, airlines, and brokers from across the world. Each new company that joins ePlane is carefully vetted by our Account Specialists before syncing its inventory to the system. All sellers are required to sync their inventory directly from their ERP to verify the listing is accurate and up-to-date.
Do I need to pay a subscription?
No. ePlane is 100% free for both buyers and sellers. No subscription fee, no commissions, no hidden charges.
Where can I track all my purchases and sales activities?
All your activities are conveniently displayed on your dashboard. You can easily review your current activities & history, filter, and sort everything.
Can I buy and sell using the same ePlane account?
Yes. Once you have registered your company, you can buy and sell using the same account.
Can I add ePlane accounts for my employees?
Yes. Once you have registered as a verified company, you can open ePlane accounts for your employees/agents and link them to your company account. Simply go to User Management and click the Add user link at the top of the table. Fill in your employee’s/agent’s details and ePlane will send them an invitation to open an account and link it to your company account.
How is my privacy protected?
ePlane is committed to safeguarding any personal or confidential information that may be collected through our website. Read our Privacy Policy for more details.
Do I need to use the ePlane website to manage my activities?
ePlane fully supports your demand-to-order cycle. You can manage your activities either from our website or directly from your ERP by integrating it with our system using standard methods such as Spec 2000, ARINC, SITA, and more. Our Account Specialists are on hand to accommodate any special requests. Simply contact us and let us know how we can help.
I have a special request. How can ePlane help me?
ePlane was built to support the aerospace industry’s requirements. We would be happy to hear your needs and adjust our system to fit them.
Feel free to contact us for any questions or requests.