No subscription fee. This plan includes:

  • Sync inventory and repair capabilities
  • Search from millions of parts
  • Generate RFQs and chat online with your partners
  • ePlane Autopilot for automated RFQs
  • Pay or get paid online
  • ePlane Fulfillment – buy through ePlane
  • Activities management dashboard
  • Access to basic activity report
  • Documents management
  • Customer support


Same features as the basic plan, plus:

  • Enhanced ePlane Autopilot capabilities
  • ePlane Parts watchlist
  • Supplier management tool
  • Export files, reports and graphs
  • Custom filters and notifications
  • Access to advanced reporting
  • Customized email aggregation
  • Ability to block users on the platform
  • Market price indicator
  • Lowest quote indicator
  • Automatic business insights

Additional Services

Promotion Services

Promote assets and packages to thousands of potential buyers from the ePlane community using targeted campaigns. This service includes planning, design, setup and analysis.

SPEC2000 Converter

Eliminate the need to type orders manually on a vendor's portal by sending your POs directly from your order management system to the vendor’s using our simple converter.

Parts Watch per PN

Get real-time email alerts and dashboard notifications when a required part from your watchlist is back in stock.

Customized Reports

ePlane's premium reporting services offer in-depth data, including informational, analytical, research, explanatory and progress reports.

Connect through API

Our automation solution allows you to sync your inventory, parts search, RFQs and purchase needs in real time.